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Recycling vs. Upcycling | more >>
T. Caine wrote an excellent essay about the substantial difference between the two, often confused, terms.
Igor Kebel, 07 Oct 2010

Emiliano Gandolfi - presenting - | more >>
Alicia Velazquez, 27 Jul 2010

Sebastiaan de Wilde - presenting - Rail Estate - | more >>
Igor Kebel, 27 Jul 2010

Retrofitting Suburbia | more >>
Ellen Dunham-Jones explains how she plans to up-cycle suburban America in this interesting TED talk.
Freek Dech, 21 Jul 2010

Killing me "loftly" | more >>
Borrowing Jonathan Raban’s notion in Soft City, I would like cities becoming more soft. And apartments, as living structures, shall take on the soft properties that would make them easily appropriated by us.
Alicia Velazquez, 01 Jul 2010

Up-cycling the city | more >>
In the most simple terms up-cycling means giving old products morevalue rather than less. It is the opposite of down-cycling, and together up-cycling and down-cycling form the two sides of re-cycling. Traditionally the term is used for consumer goods or reusable commodities. NBTWN wants to investigate what it would mean to use the idea of up-cycling in the context of the city. Up-cycling the city is the theme of a new series of NBTWN sessions.
Freek Dech, 30 Jun 2010

Upscale Zones | more >>
Dutch national television reported this week that production of new houses in Holland dropped for a half in a period of a year time. Developers, architects, housing corporations and large building companies are respectfully shrinking in numbers of jobs. Opposite to them, the smaller size companies and handyman specialists, mainly working for the individual client on house modifications, conversions of use and extensions of the privately owned built properties, are increasingly demanded.
I. Kebel, 29 Jun 2010

UpCycle Inventory | more >>
Building obsoleteness and infrastructural isolation from Amsterdam, Dueselldorf, Hombroich and Salerno.
I. Kebel, 28 Jun 2010

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